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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fun with Mistress Brianna & Kayla

Sometimes as a sissy maid I get the opportunity to help some of the Mistress's with their own subs, and today I was helping Mistress Brianna with her cute little subbie Kayla.

Mistress Brianna had a few things in mind for Kayla and needed my help in getting her ready, she handed me Kayla's leash and ordered her to strip...I was going to be her handler for the day! :)

Mistress Brianna wanted Kayla to be cleaned out (from the inside) so today she was going to be recieving a big soapy enema :) Poor Kayla's eyes nearly popped out when she was brought over the the special chair and told to hop on up...

Kayla looking a bit nervous before her enema!

Mistress ordered me to make sure the straps holding Kayla in the chair were tight and secure while she filled up her enema. I pulled the arm and legs restraints nice and tight, just to be sure Kayla wouldn't be able to wriggle free while she's getting filled up.

As I was finishing lubing Kayla's ass, maid Paula came in, she had been cleaning around the mansion and had popped in when she heard us talking. Poor Kayla really went red when she saw another maid walk in, as if she wasn't embarrassed enough...

Kalya getting filled up :)

Once Kayla was lubed up, Mistress moved over the enema stand between Kayla's legs, I thought her eyes were going to pop out whe she say the big bag of warm soapy water that was soon going to be inside her!

Mistress smiled down at her as she pushed the nozzle inside Kayla's tight ass, and opened the valve on the tube. Almost immediately Kayla began squirming, as the warm water quickly flowed into her...its a good thing she was strapped down, hehe.

Paula and I rubbed her rumbling tummy as she was being completely filled up, her face was bright red and she was having real trouble holding the enema inside her. Mistress pulled the nozzle out of her ass when the bag had been completely emptied up her ass, and ordered her not to spill a single drop!

Poor Kayla was really struggling to hold the huge enema inside her, so Mistress Brianna thought she shouldn't take any chances and handed me a huge diaper and ordered me to put it on Kayla!

Diapered and holding an enema!

Paula and I helped Kayla out of the chair and Mistress Brianna made her jump up and down to make sure the enema was properly inside her. Kayla's tummy looked all big and bloated...I bet she really needed to go!

Mistress Brianna took us both back to her place, and ordered me to strip while we waited for Kayla's enema to get to work. Kayla was told that she would have to hold it for 30 minutes and would be punished if she didn't! Eeep.

Mistress winked at me as she slipped Kayla's dildo gag into her mouth and clipped it on tight behind her head, she then ordered me to lube it up and get on the bed....

Dildo-gagged :)

Mistress Brianna pushed me over a cushion on the bed, so my sissy ass was sticking straight up in the air! I felt Kayla climb slowly onto the bed behind me, I could hear her tummy rumbling, she was really straining to hold her enema by now!

Mistress Brianna told her to thank me for helping her with getting cleaned out, and her huge rubber gag was how she was going to do it, hehe. I gasped as I felt the cold slimy cock poke at my tight rosebud....and I almost came when Mistress Brianna pressed the back of Kayla's head, pushing the huge dildo slowly up my ass!

0.0 It feels SOOOO good!

I had to bite my lip to stop from moaning out loud, Kayla's cock was stretching me wide open! She was really working it in there, I was being pushed right down onto the bed, hehe. The friction in my ass from the cock was intense!

Just as I was on the edge Mistress ordered Kayla to stop and she pulled the huge face cock out of my ass with a long sloppy "pop". Mistress Brianna had her lie down on her back on the bed, and told me to climb on top of the huge glistening cock!

Once Mistress made sure the fake cock was fully up my ass, she ordered me to bounce up and down on it! I screamed out loud as it pressed hard against my prostate and brought me right to the edge...

All this was too much for poor Kayla, her aching bowels couldn't hold out any longer and she released her enema into her diaper, just as I came hard all over Mistress's Brianna's bed! hehe.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Having fun with Candy & Mistress Brianna

It was one of those quiet days at the Sissy Mansion, when I bumped into my friend maid Candy who was chatting to Mistress Brianna. It's a good thing I came over as Mistress said she was in need of the service of two well trained maids...

Clipping her leash to our collars she took us both upstairs and ordered us to strips so she could inspect both our bodies.
Collared, naked and thoroughly inspected.

Once Mistress Brianna looked us both over (infront of the entire Mansion!) she tugged sharply on our leashes and brought us back to her place.
Mistress had us both kneel on the side of her bed and ordered us to slide her tiny skirt down slowly, saying she "had something for us".

Something for both us sissies!

Candy let out a squeal of delight as we pulled Mistress Brianna's skirt down and I could see why, her cock was huge! We both looked up to see Mistress smiling down at us both with a wicked smile on her face, before she told us to "take turns sucking it hard!". 0.0

Taking turns getting Mistress Brianna cock hard!

Candy and I took turns pushing each others mouth over Mistress Brianna's huge cock. Candy would push my head gently, making sure I got all of the cock into my mouth...then I would do the same with her.
Mistress loved teasing us both about the size of our sissy cocks, telling us that's one of the reasons we're both sissies...we have such little cocks!

When Candy and I had sucked Mistress cock until it was throbbing hard, Mistress Brianna pulled Candy down on the bed and spread her legs wide...

Mistress Brianna lay Candy on her back began to tease her tiny sissy cock with her tongue. Candy was practically moaning in pleasure as Mistress ran her tongue all along her clitty! Mistress said there wasn't going to be any sucking, just teasing and Candy was close to squirting!!

Candy getting teased :-)

It didn't take long before Candy was begging to cum, she asked Mistress Brianna for permission to let her squirt! Mistress continued teasing her for a few more minutes before she ordered Candy to cum...
Candy's whole body tensed up and she squealed in pleasure as she squirted a huge sissy load all over my hand pumping her sissy cock!

Candy was still try to catch her breath as Mistress flipped up both over...this time with me underneath her!
I could feel the tip of Mistress Brianna's wet cock poking against my tight asshole, while she ordered Candy to move behind her and get her tongue on her ass!

Candy getting to work :)

I have to bite my bottom lip as Mistress pushed her huge cock all the way inside my sissy ass...she orders me to spread my legs wider as she starts to rock her hips back and forth...all the while Candy is eagerly lapping away at Mistress's ass!

After a while Mistress slides her hard cock out of my ass and flips us both around again. My ass gapes wide as her cock is pulled out and Candy lays down in front of me with her legs high in the air...

I immediately start to lick Candy's now limp cock (I guess sissy cocks don't stay hard for long) before Mistress Brianna tells me to lick her lower and to get my tongue right in there.

Vikki multi-tasking :)

I could barely keep my tongue on Candy's ass from the pounding Mistress Brianna was giving me! I squealed in pleasure as Mistress reached underneath and gave my very full sissy balls a good hard squeeze...

I almost gasped as I got the taste of something familiar inside Candy's ass and she blushed a shade of bright red when I told Mistress I could taste cum up there! (Hmmmm Candy, what have you been up to?)

Tasting Candy

Behind me I could feel Mistress Brianna thrusts quicken and she let out a loud moan as I felt something hot and sticky being pumped up my ass! Candy squealed as she came again from the asslicking alone and she collapsed totally spent on the huge bed.

"It should go back to a few days!"

Mistress Brianna and Candy both lay back giggling as my ass gaped wide from the thorough fucking it just got. I couldn't believe how wide it looked, but Mistress said it would be fine...IN A FEW DAYS! Eeep!
In the meantime, Candy said she had something that might stop the other maids noticing hehe :-)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Vikki & Seven get plugged :)

I had been hanging around at the sissy mansion with Jamie, when Seven messaged me and asked if I wanted to meet up, when I told her I was with my friend Jamie (who is a Mistress) we all had a pretty good idea where this could end up hehe.

Jamie and Seven had never met before, but once I introduced them to eachother I knew they would get on fine.
Seven took us to this cool castle, which I think could have been a BDSM dungeon (hehe horny sissy). We were chatting for a bit when I sneaked a peek at what Seven had in her was FULL of toys! Including her huge purple plug....

Of course when Jamie and I saw this we had to get her to wear it! Jamie ordered her to strip right there and then and handed me the plug to get all nice and wet...Of course thats exactly what I did!

Seven with her inserted :)

I got her plug all nice and sopping wet in my mouth and handed it Jamie, she had Seven bend over and told her to hold tight as the plug was going right up there! At this stage a few people were passing by and some were even stopping to have a look at what was going on 0.0

Seven's plug is HUGE and it took quite a bit of pushing on Jamie's part to get it in there...I honestly thought Seven was going to cum as the fattest part of the plug was being pushed into her ass...

Then it was Vikki's turn to be plugged! Jamie made me take out my inflatable plug and told Seven to get it all wet for me. This plug goes from quite big to HUGE once it's inflated and makes sure my ass is totally stuffed!

Vikki & Seven's firmly plugged asses!

Of course whats the point in having an inflatable plug in your ass if its not totally inflated...and mine was pumped to the limit! I had precum dripping out of my chastity device by the time Jamie was done inflating it...Seven even sneaked a drop into her mouth (she's soooo horny hehe).

Jamie left us both bent over so everyone watching could get a good view of our plugged asses...and a few people even commented on how hot we both looked 0.0

Bent over so everyone can have a look 0.0

At this point there was quite a few people standing around watching, one Mistress and her sub came over and chatted to us. She asked if she could take a closer look at us both and being sissy subs we both said "of course". She gave us both a thorough looking over, making sure our plugs were in properly and our sissy cocks were to her liking...well, Seven's anyway...mine was locked :)

Vikki & Seven getting checked out :)

Monday, 4 April 2011

Changing maid Kali

Just another typical day in the Sissy Mansion, until I saw poor Kali looking all embarrassed. Poor girl, she has been ordered by the Mistresses to wear diapers all the time at the mansion...she isn't even allowed to change them herself...she has to ask someone to change her!

And when she does get changed it's right there and then in the middle of everyone and everything going on! Eeep!

Checking Kali.....yep, she REALLY needs changing!

Changing mat rolled out, plastic pants unlocked...everyone else watching 0.0  

All clean and fresh! For now :)

Dressing up with Hannah :D

Yaaay! My first blog entry ever and what an entry it is!
So I was over in my friend Hannah's house the other day and as usual we were chatting about clothes and kinky stuff we would like to buy, when I decided to show her some of my favourite latex outfits....I love all things shiny and rubber and so does she she, so you guessed thing led to another and we started to really dress up!

First I began by slipping into a really hot black and purple latex number, this outfit is really tight and leaves almost nothing to one's imagination, but with Hannah's help I squeezed into it :) My outfit on, Hannah helped me with my restraints, first she cuffed my wirsts and then my elbows behind my back, she told me "I wouldn't be needing my arms from now on!" Eeeep!

Next she helped me keep my balance while I slipped into my HUGE ballet toed boots...These boots have a massive heel and force me to walk on my toes, which mean I have to hobble everytime I walk...Mmmm!

Next I felt Hannah tug at the zip on the crotch of my outfit and she slid my locked sissycock and balls out....I LOVE chastity by the way, but more on that in later posts...Next on was my ultra tight and shiny chastity belt, thats right, over my already locked sissy about being secure hehe. The feeling of the belt is incredible, it fits nice and snug and ensures I have a smooth sissy crotch too!

Last thing on is my head harness...this is one delicious piece of bondage gear, its a blindfold and a gag all in one! Hannah fits mine, making sure its on TIGHT, but holds off on fitting my blindfold...for now!
Hannah smiles up into my eyes as she opens my top and lets my boobs fall out....horny girl! Then she stands back and gives me a front seat view of her getting dressed into her own rubber outfit...all the while my doublely locked sissycock is straining in both my cage AND my chastity belt...grrrrr hehe.

Gagged, restrained and locked in chastity...both of us! hehe

All tied up and helpless...imagine what would happen if anyone found us!

Jamie comes by to check us out and likes what she sees!

Trying to poke Jamie with my Strap-on attachment! hehe