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Monday, 11 April 2011

Vikki & Seven get plugged :)

I had been hanging around at the sissy mansion with Jamie, when Seven messaged me and asked if I wanted to meet up, when I told her I was with my friend Jamie (who is a Mistress) we all had a pretty good idea where this could end up hehe.

Jamie and Seven had never met before, but once I introduced them to eachother I knew they would get on fine.
Seven took us to this cool castle, which I think could have been a BDSM dungeon (hehe horny sissy). We were chatting for a bit when I sneaked a peek at what Seven had in her was FULL of toys! Including her huge purple plug....

Of course when Jamie and I saw this we had to get her to wear it! Jamie ordered her to strip right there and then and handed me the plug to get all nice and wet...Of course thats exactly what I did!

Seven with her inserted :)

I got her plug all nice and sopping wet in my mouth and handed it Jamie, she had Seven bend over and told her to hold tight as the plug was going right up there! At this stage a few people were passing by and some were even stopping to have a look at what was going on 0.0

Seven's plug is HUGE and it took quite a bit of pushing on Jamie's part to get it in there...I honestly thought Seven was going to cum as the fattest part of the plug was being pushed into her ass...

Then it was Vikki's turn to be plugged! Jamie made me take out my inflatable plug and told Seven to get it all wet for me. This plug goes from quite big to HUGE once it's inflated and makes sure my ass is totally stuffed!

Vikki & Seven's firmly plugged asses!

Of course whats the point in having an inflatable plug in your ass if its not totally inflated...and mine was pumped to the limit! I had precum dripping out of my chastity device by the time Jamie was done inflating it...Seven even sneaked a drop into her mouth (she's soooo horny hehe).

Jamie left us both bent over so everyone watching could get a good view of our plugged asses...and a few people even commented on how hot we both looked 0.0

Bent over so everyone can have a look 0.0

At this point there was quite a few people standing around watching, one Mistress and her sub came over and chatted to us. She asked if she could take a closer look at us both and being sissy subs we both said "of course". She gave us both a thorough looking over, making sure our plugs were in properly and our sissy cocks were to her liking...well, Seven's anyway...mine was locked :)

Vikki & Seven getting checked out :)

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