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Monday, 4 April 2011

Dressing up with Hannah :D

Yaaay! My first blog entry ever and what an entry it is!
So I was over in my friend Hannah's house the other day and as usual we were chatting about clothes and kinky stuff we would like to buy, when I decided to show her some of my favourite latex outfits....I love all things shiny and rubber and so does she she, so you guessed thing led to another and we started to really dress up!

First I began by slipping into a really hot black and purple latex number, this outfit is really tight and leaves almost nothing to one's imagination, but with Hannah's help I squeezed into it :) My outfit on, Hannah helped me with my restraints, first she cuffed my wirsts and then my elbows behind my back, she told me "I wouldn't be needing my arms from now on!" Eeeep!

Next she helped me keep my balance while I slipped into my HUGE ballet toed boots...These boots have a massive heel and force me to walk on my toes, which mean I have to hobble everytime I walk...Mmmm!

Next I felt Hannah tug at the zip on the crotch of my outfit and she slid my locked sissycock and balls out....I LOVE chastity by the way, but more on that in later posts...Next on was my ultra tight and shiny chastity belt, thats right, over my already locked sissy about being secure hehe. The feeling of the belt is incredible, it fits nice and snug and ensures I have a smooth sissy crotch too!

Last thing on is my head harness...this is one delicious piece of bondage gear, its a blindfold and a gag all in one! Hannah fits mine, making sure its on TIGHT, but holds off on fitting my blindfold...for now!
Hannah smiles up into my eyes as she opens my top and lets my boobs fall out....horny girl! Then she stands back and gives me a front seat view of her getting dressed into her own rubber outfit...all the while my doublely locked sissycock is straining in both my cage AND my chastity belt...grrrrr hehe.

Gagged, restrained and locked in chastity...both of us! hehe

All tied up and helpless...imagine what would happen if anyone found us!

Jamie comes by to check us out and likes what she sees!

Trying to poke Jamie with my Strap-on attachment! hehe

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