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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Having fun with Candy & Mistress Brianna

It was one of those quiet days at the Sissy Mansion, when I bumped into my friend maid Candy who was chatting to Mistress Brianna. It's a good thing I came over as Mistress said she was in need of the service of two well trained maids...

Clipping her leash to our collars she took us both upstairs and ordered us to strips so she could inspect both our bodies.
Collared, naked and thoroughly inspected.

Once Mistress Brianna looked us both over (infront of the entire Mansion!) she tugged sharply on our leashes and brought us back to her place.
Mistress had us both kneel on the side of her bed and ordered us to slide her tiny skirt down slowly, saying she "had something for us".

Something for both us sissies!

Candy let out a squeal of delight as we pulled Mistress Brianna's skirt down and I could see why, her cock was huge! We both looked up to see Mistress smiling down at us both with a wicked smile on her face, before she told us to "take turns sucking it hard!". 0.0

Taking turns getting Mistress Brianna cock hard!

Candy and I took turns pushing each others mouth over Mistress Brianna's huge cock. Candy would push my head gently, making sure I got all of the cock into my mouth...then I would do the same with her.
Mistress loved teasing us both about the size of our sissy cocks, telling us that's one of the reasons we're both sissies...we have such little cocks!

When Candy and I had sucked Mistress cock until it was throbbing hard, Mistress Brianna pulled Candy down on the bed and spread her legs wide...

Mistress Brianna lay Candy on her back began to tease her tiny sissy cock with her tongue. Candy was practically moaning in pleasure as Mistress ran her tongue all along her clitty! Mistress said there wasn't going to be any sucking, just teasing and Candy was close to squirting!!

Candy getting teased :-)

It didn't take long before Candy was begging to cum, she asked Mistress Brianna for permission to let her squirt! Mistress continued teasing her for a few more minutes before she ordered Candy to cum...
Candy's whole body tensed up and she squealed in pleasure as she squirted a huge sissy load all over my hand pumping her sissy cock!

Candy was still try to catch her breath as Mistress flipped up both over...this time with me underneath her!
I could feel the tip of Mistress Brianna's wet cock poking against my tight asshole, while she ordered Candy to move behind her and get her tongue on her ass!

Candy getting to work :)

I have to bite my bottom lip as Mistress pushed her huge cock all the way inside my sissy ass...she orders me to spread my legs wider as she starts to rock her hips back and forth...all the while Candy is eagerly lapping away at Mistress's ass!

After a while Mistress slides her hard cock out of my ass and flips us both around again. My ass gapes wide as her cock is pulled out and Candy lays down in front of me with her legs high in the air...

I immediately start to lick Candy's now limp cock (I guess sissy cocks don't stay hard for long) before Mistress Brianna tells me to lick her lower and to get my tongue right in there.

Vikki multi-tasking :)

I could barely keep my tongue on Candy's ass from the pounding Mistress Brianna was giving me! I squealed in pleasure as Mistress reached underneath and gave my very full sissy balls a good hard squeeze...

I almost gasped as I got the taste of something familiar inside Candy's ass and she blushed a shade of bright red when I told Mistress I could taste cum up there! (Hmmmm Candy, what have you been up to?)

Tasting Candy

Behind me I could feel Mistress Brianna thrusts quicken and she let out a loud moan as I felt something hot and sticky being pumped up my ass! Candy squealed as she came again from the asslicking alone and she collapsed totally spent on the huge bed.

"It should go back to a few days!"

Mistress Brianna and Candy both lay back giggling as my ass gaped wide from the thorough fucking it just got. I couldn't believe how wide it looked, but Mistress said it would be fine...IN A FEW DAYS! Eeep!
In the meantime, Candy said she had something that might stop the other maids noticing hehe :-)


  1. Both your little wieners are sooooo cute and adorable! There is nothing happier in the world than a sissy with an ass full of cum! :))